Megura for Lumo Architects: Total renovation of the brand identity

The Baden-based agency Megura has developed a new name and brand identity for Schneider Spannagel Architekten.


The age-related resignation of a member of the management forced Schneider Spannagel Architekten to take a close look at the company's name and image. This ultimately led to a complete rebranding, which was carried out in collaboration with Megura.


How about a new name?

It all started with the simple question of a new name, which set one stone after another rolling. In a brand workshop, the foundation was first laid anew: Values were captured, visions sharpened and the brand core defined. The name Lumo, which is based on this, stands for the adjectives light, uncomplicated, modern, open and is intended to reflect the values and working methods of the office as well as the architectural style of the realised buildings. On this basis, the new image was finally developed. 


A movable logo

With the developed basis the consistent reorganization of the company succeeded: from the down-to-earth appearing architecture office Schneider Spannagel to the contemporary-agile studio named Lumo Architekten - with new name and logo inclusive. Website, stationery, signage and everything that goes with it. Incidentally, the new company's lightness and love of experimentation is also evident in digital media in a subtly playful way: The reduced logo allows the striking four letters to be moved around in space, so that new combinations are constantly being created.

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