Heads looks to Japan for Time Zone Zurich

For Zeit Zone Zurich, the workshop of watchmaking art, Heads is producing an annual magazine for watch fans for the third time. The focus of this issue is on watches from Japanese-Swiss collaborations.


To find out where Japan ticks similarly, Heads asked the Japanese ambassador to Switzerland for an interview. Kojiro Shiraishi, who agreed to be interviewed, is used to very different print circulations. Until 2019, he was president of the media conglomerate Yomiuri Shinbun, which owns the daily newspaper of the same name. With a circulation of over ten million copies, it is the highest-circulation newspaper in the world. The ambassador comments in the magazine on the many possibilities for cooperation. And he does not hold back with his personal opinion: as much as the "picturesque beauty of the Alps" inspires him and our punctuality, safety and friendliness also remind him of Japan, he is irritated by the many graffiti and graffiti in our cities.

What he is excited about, on the other hand, are the opportunities that present themselves to our two countries. For example, the combination of Japanese precision technology and Swiss design innovations that have the potential to conquer the world market. The examples in the magazine of the watch brand Minase, which relies on Swiss movements, and the watch brand Oris, which has an unusual watch strap produced in Japan, show how well such cooperation can work. 


Responsible at Zeit Zone Zurich: Sandro Bösch (owner). Responsible at Heads Corporate Branding: Ralph Hermann (text), Marco Simonetti (layout), Roman von Arx (production). Photography: Michael Keller.

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