Minz realizes new customer magazine for CSS

Inspire instead of just inform: The Lucerne agency Minz has created the new customer magazine "CSS und Sie?" for CSS.


The new name of the magazine was intended to reflect CSS's stance. The magazine is published quarterly with a circulation of 775,000 and in three national languages.


Inspire instead of just inform

"We want our customer magazine to inspire, not just inform," says Angela Geering, Head of Corporate Publishing at CSS. With this in mind, CSS held an agency competition. The Lucerne agency was able to convince those responsible with a creative basic concept. "In a joint process, we further developed and refined this. The result is a magazine that breaks new ground both visually and in terms of content," says Evita Mauron, Editor-in-Chief of the customer magazine, describing the development process.


Structure, orientation and eye guidance

A clear magazine structure with the three parts focus topic, articles on health topics and a classic information section should guide the readers through the content. Large images, illustrations and varied design elements for highlighting are intended to create ease and orientation. Accent colours extend the colour concept of the CSS. They set contents apart from each other, loosen up and emphasise tips and further information. A targeted eye guidance invites you to skim or delve deeper.


Topics and guests from life

Even the cover page shows that each issue is dedicated to its own focus topic. In each case, two terms set the framework: in the first issue it is "Risk + Passion". In each issue, five guests from different walks of life meet for a round of talks - all with a direct or indirect connection to the topic. For the first edition, it was a helicopter pilot, a shiatsu therapist, a musician, a psychologist and the CEO of CSS. The essence of the exchange becomes the lead article. Interviews and portraits of individual guests are intended to deepen the topic.


Part of a cross-media strategy

The new customer magazine is part of CSS's cross-media strategy. Content from the magazine is linked to digital content on the website. "We provide the articles and contributions in the magazine with links for easy further reading and in-depth study," adds Lea Kuster, designer at Minz. CSS extends the reach of the digital contributions with posts on social media.


Responsible at CSS: Marco Imboden (Head of Corporate Communications), Angela Geering (Head of Corporate Publishing), Evita Mauron (Editor-in-Chief of "CSS and You?"). Responsible at Minz: Susann Blum (concept), Lea Kuster, Rahel Schmidiger, Sylvie Rapold and Marc Oertli (design). Communication: Irene Dörig. Photography Guest Roundtable: Franca Pedrazzetti. Illustration: Nadja Baltensweiler.

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