Migros cleans out its own brands

Migros carries too many private labels, some of which are not clearly positioned. This is now to change.


With over 200 own brands, Migros is the Swiss champion among retailers in this discipline. And it intends to keep it that way. As research by the Switzerland at the weekend the company is currently going over the books and streamlining its own-brand range on a grand scale. Some products are being assigned to new brands, while some private labels are disappearing completely.


Bellena disappears

The first signs of this are already visible in the body care range: M-Budget deodorants and foam baths are marked with a sticker "Soon under M-Classic at the same price". A soap dispenser has already been "transferred": "Previously M-Budget at the same price," reads the corresponding notice.

The same area also shows the brand red pen: The Cheap cosmetics line Bellena launched in 2013 has been stamped out with its more than 40 products.


More orientation through reduction

Brands are disappearing in isolated cases, a spokesman confirmed to the newspaper. "Especially if they are not clearly positioned and accordingly not understandable for customers." This also applies to products that are too similar to other items in the range or if demand is too low.

The aim is to make it easier for customers to find their way around and thus make shopping less complicated - and ultimately more stress-free.


Do not hang on the big bell

Migros is keeping secret which of its own brands have disappeared recently. The Ovaltine substitute Eimalzin is one of them - the original is now available. Lindt is also to be added to the range - the chocolate assortment was previously the sole "territory" of the Frey private label.

It is obvious that brand cancellations are not communicated: customers do not like to see changes of this kind. Every brand has its fans and loyal customers. "Changeovers are rarely appreciated by customers," Migros told Schweiz am Wochenende. That's why they only do this if they already have a better solution ready.


M-Budget is strengthened

Even if some products are transferred to the M-Classic line: M-Budget, the budget line launched in 1996, will not be one of the losers in the current restructuring. It currently has 500 articles and is now even to be expanded somewhat.

This step also comes as no surprise: main competitor Coop is also strongly expanding its Prix Garantie low-price range, thus arming itself against the price war with the Swiss offshoots of the German discounters Lidl and Aldi.


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