Branders implements stylish omnichannel brand presence for Rausch

New clean beauty and direct-to-consumer brands are conquering the market, and "beautiful" is increasingly being equated with "healthy" and "natural". With a new omnichannel presence for Rausch, Branders shows that the brand has been living this philosophy for a long time.


The beauty market is developing just as rapidly as consumer expectations and behavior. New clean beauty and direct-to-consumer brands are on the rise, and traditional brands that do not meet the new expectations are losing ground. At the same time, the definition of beauty has changed: instead of outward appearances, it is now based much more on the feeling of being comfortable and beautiful in one's own skin thanks to healthy choices.

Rausch's new omnichannel brand identity now brings this understanding of beauty to life in communication across all channels. With the exception of the iconographic bottle and the logo, all Rausch brand elements have been redesigned. Modular and individually combinable, they create a brand image that radiates warmth, lightness and natural beauty. The new Rausch images, which are used in image and product communication as well as in the content area, make the brand's natural approach visible and largely dispense with image processing, retouching and artificial light.


Responsible at RauschLucas Baumann (CEO); Petra Hollenstein (Head of Marketing and Communications); Christian Heckmann (Digital Marketing Manager); Anja Kaiser (Senior Product Manager); Alina Hermann (Product Manager); Lea Riether (Product Manager); Dr. Katharina Alder (Head of R&D); Fabienne Sutter (R&D Employee); Esther Widmer, Bernadette Raschle (Communication/PR Manager); Laura Stillhart (Marketing Assistance). Responsible at BrandersRené Allemann (CEO); Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience); Thea Ferretti (Director Communications); Thom Pfister (Executive Creative Director); Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director); Sarah Egger (Junior Brand Consultant); Palma Manco Senior Brand Designer); Soraya Gaouaoua (Senior Brand Designer); Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer); Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter); Martin Fähndrich (Video Journalist); Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist).

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