A Brand Refresh for the 20th Anniversary of Ricardo

To date, more than 78 million items have been sold on the Swiss online marketplace and the former national pioneer in online retailing is still one of the most popular shopping platforms in Switzerland after 20 years. For its anniversary, Ricardo is presenting itself with a fresh look.


Ricardo unveiled a brand refresh to mark its 20th anniversary on 18 November 2019 and with it a new, rejuvenated and pared-down look. The new design embodies Ricardo's positioning as a simple, trustworthy and modern online marketplace and the various moments of joy that trigger the special buying and selling experience on Ricardo.

The powerful orange in the logo was retained to express the continuity of the established Swiss industry leader in the second-hand market. Ricardo's new "R" can be used on its own as a figurative mark.

It is then accompanied by the i-dot, which becomes a Circle. The Circles are supposed to symbolize the strongly growing trend of the Circular Economy as well as the dusted-off and increasingly modern image of the Second-Hand trade.


Responsible at Ricardo: Francesco Vass (CEO), Priska Cavelti(CMO), Christine Moch (Project Lead), Gemma Cardus (Design). Responsible at Bluish: KarinSchnelli (Owner). Responsible at Riccopachera.ch: Ricco Pachera (Owner).

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