Real connections: Geyst further develops Julius Baer's brand presence

The Zurich agency Geyst is consistently developing the brand identity of Bank Julius Baer. The focus is on clarity, emotion - and a lived brand story.


Around 6,700 employees in 28 countries worldwide create contact points between the private bank Julius Baer and its clients. Clear values and a unified, lived brand story should therefore form the foundation for a consistent brand experience. This should create what Bank Julius Baer has stood for since its founding: genuine connections.

Since 2015, the Zurich agency Geyst has been maintaining the brand presence of Bank Julius Baer and continuously developing it further. An unmistakable design language and a clear corporate identity that is consistent across all channels are important pillars here. Geyst makes the private bank a consistent experience at all points of contact and ensures that the brand is charged with the same values worldwide.

In addition to clarity and stringency, Geyst also focuses on emotion and warmth in the private bank's brand identity. In the design, but also in the entire approach, the content and the digitization of the company. In addition to design guidelines and templates, the work results include content concepts for print, web, social media and moving images. Geyst also supports the Zurich private bank in creating high-quality corporate publishing products and event design.

This should enable Bank Julius Baer to offer its clients a cohesive and consistent brand experience along the entire client journey.


Responsible at Julius BaerOlivier Berger (Head Branding & Advertising); Melanie Kienzle, Silvan Cagienard, Olivia Bonnet-Cham, Isabel Dago, Corinne Bresch. Responsible at Geyst: Steph Huber (Head of Consulting); Luciano Hagge Dias (Key Account Director); Barbara Rapin (Account Director); Matthias Kadlubsky (Creative Director); Christian Raissig (Art Director); Cyril Schicker (Copywriter); Oliver Fried (Copywriter); Marcel Capeder (Designer); Francesca Stöckli (Designer); Urs Baumgartner (Head of Desktop Publishing); Dave Maire (Desktop Publishing); Robert Lisac (Head of Digital); Giuseppe La Tona (Developer).

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