Walder,Werber realizes customer magazine and film for Neuco

Walder,Werber realized the current customer magazine for Neuco and designed and implemented a film that links the print magazine with digital media.


The company's magazine for lighting solutions is published annually in German and French and includes reports from the world of light, Neuco reference projects, sustainability topics, celebrity interviews and the latest product highlights.

In the film, star chef Andreas Caminada and star architect Gion A. Caminada present the latest culinary offering in Fürstenau. An old stable was converted into a restaurant and hotel. In collaboration with the architect, Neuco developed and implemented the lighting design.

Responsible at NeucoPascal Läubli (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Walder,Werber: Sandro Walder (overall direction); Anna Kindlimann (creative direction); Stefan Moeschlin (consulting/concept/text); Flurina Decasper (text); Corsin Kessler (art direction); Michi Döös (film). Camera: Matthias Loeffel.

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