ViznerBorel gives the Business Club of FC Zurich a new outfit

The task for the Zurich agency ViznerBorel was clear: A new appearance and a new website for the business club of FC Zurich should be ready for the start of the 2018/2019 football season.


The purpose of the renowned business club, of which ViznerBorel has been a member for many years, is to provide non-material and financial support to FC Zurich. It also serves to foster and promote relations between its members.

These two aspects are also what ViznerBorel has implemented on the homepage: On the homepage of the website, which has been redeveloped from scratch, visitors can immediately see the new, striking logo - a stylised lion's head wearing a tie.


But it's not just the logo that's new - the football-loving cracks from ViznerBorel have made the presentation of the club much more emotional with the help of crisp statements, concise texts and, above all, original image ideas in order to emphasise the business aspects of the business club more strongly. A lot of emphasis was placed on the presentation of the board and the members. And because the FCZ Business Club sees itself as an attractive platform to meet and talk about football, business and much more, and new members are always welcome, the important area of member recruitment was also greatly expanded.

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