Migros remains the most visible brand, UBS is now the most viral brand in Switzerland

Media Focus publishes the "Brand Trend Switzerland Q1 2018". This is an overall assessment of the brand presence in Switzerland.


Brand Trend links a brand's advertising presence with its media presence to determine a brand's complete visibility across all media.

  • Visibility = Paid Visibility + Earned Visibility
  • Virality = Earned Penetration

Migros unchanged ahead of Coop in terms of visibility

As in the previous quarter, Migros remains the most visible brand in the Swiss brand sample (Visibility Earned & Paid Media). Coop continues to hold second place, well ahead of third-placed Swisscom. Migros generates its lead solely through its media presence. The advertising presence of the two big retailers is on the same level. VW and Mercedes are still able to hold their own in the top 10, while the third German car manufacturer BMW bids farewell again after a brief exit into the top 10. The two big banks UBS and Credit Suisse have both said goodbye to the top 10. Apple's main competitor, Samsung, is back again. The brands Zalando and Kinder in are now also among the most visible 10.


UBS new most viral brand

The top 10 most viral brands saw quite a few changes in the first quarter. UBS ousted Starticket from the podium and is now the most viral brand. Audi in second place and its big competitor Credit Suisse in third place, with UBS benefiting from news articles on finanzen.net. The Geneva Motor Show catapulted four brands from the automotive industry into the top 10: Ford, Audi, Tesla and Volvo. Volvo makes the biggest leap in virality from 118th to 9th place. Fast cars and food inspire the web. The reintroduction of the Big Rösti triggers a veritable virality firework in the McDonald's online community, making it the most viral post of Q1 2018. There is virtual jubilation. Nevertheless, the fast-food giant is only in a thankless 11th place.


Earned media ranking: vehicle industry at the top

The automotive industry is unchallenged in first place in the Earned Media presence. The "Retail & Food" industry slips to 5th place in the Earned Media ranking. Overall, however, the combined industry remains the most visible due to the high advertising pressure. The "Construction, Industry & Furnishings" and "Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality" sectors have an almost identical Paid Earned Ratio and volume.


Dissemination analysis: top and flop sectors compared

In the most viral sector, "vehicles," the discussion takes place primarily on Twitter and in the comments. In the flop industry "tobacco" there is no active community, there is little to no interaction.


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