Amazon vs. Digitec Galaxus: The brand duel for the customer

It has been known for some time that Amazon is also setting up its own logistics in Switzerland. In return, Digitec Galaxus is expanding into Germany. At the Swiss Brand Congress, Digitec Galaxus CEO Florian Teuteberg met Amazon top manager Jens Uwe Intat. They showed themselves sporty in front of 500 brand decision makers. In the competitive battle, both rely on a "clear corporate DNA".


"We worked on the "Digitec" brand very early on, always tinkering with it a bit, but keeping the core. Above all, we want to be piratical: Courage to do things differently and not follow the mainstream. Digitec is also allowed to be a little "nerdy"". This is how Florian Teuteberg, CEO, Digitec Galaxus, describes the brand essence of the successful online shopping platform. As an example, Teuteberg cited Digitec's humorous advertising campaign, in which real product reviews from customers form the basis of the content. "We simply do it the other way around. We first listen to the Communitiy and mirror the opinion in the TV environment. This pays off for the credibility of".

With Galaxus, Teuteberg has created another e-commerce platform for everyday items. In doing so, he attaches great importance to the differentiation and independence of the online shop. Integrating the purchase items into the existing shopping platform was never an option for him: "We didn't want to risk upsetting the Digitec community with sneakers and baby carriages. The difference in target groups is very big, so a new brand was needed. The company values are similar. The difference is to emphasize the emotional and human component instead of the nerdy one".

Digitec Galaxus is about to expand into Germany. "This is a logical step for us that we should have taken earlier. The product has good chances in the European environment. But the challenges and competitors are numerous," says Teuteberg.

With Amazon, the biggest competitor was also on stage at the Swiss Brand Congress. Right at the beginning of his presentation, Jens Uwe Intat, Vice President Hardlines,, addressed Florian Teuteberg with a wink: "We are happy to have another competitor in Germany". Intat also underlined the importance of a clear corporate DNA. For Amazon, these are in particular the values "customer proximity" and "innovative strength". The use of technology to be innovative for the customer is an essential part of the corporate strategy.

"We want to offer customers what they haven't even asked for yet and the benefits of which they don't even know," said Germany Vice President Intat. He cited "Amazon Go" as an example: A supermarket where you can shop via your Amazon account without queuing at the checkout. The Amazon voice assistant Alexa is also part of this for him: "Ordering via Alexa is supposed to help people who can type as badly as I can, for example. We want to make it as easy as possible for people in their everyday lives." His main message: "The customer is an obsession for us."

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