SNK gives Messerli a complete rebranding

Zurich branding agency SNK has designed and developed a new brand identity for Messerli. The appearance is intended to highlight the company's changed strategic orientation from trade fair constructor to live experience provider.


SNK worked with Andreas Messerli, a company in the trade fair and event construction sector, to develop the new strategic direction as well as the new positioning and product structure. Based on this, SNK conceived and designed a new brand identity that is intended to convey the shift "from trade fair constructor to live experience specialist".


The website is at the centre of the appearance Here, Messerli's new product structure is presented and the core competence "Live Experience" can be experienced, so to speak. The simplified logo with claim as well as layout, visual language, typography and tone of voice play together to guarantee Messerli a dynamic, emotional presence that works just as well in print applications as in digital channels, according to the press release.

Responsible at Andreas Messerli AG: Andreas Messerli (Owner), Hugo Keller (Managing Director), Daniel Wyss (Sales Manager), Juri Camagni (Chief Marketing Officer), Nadia Caruzzo, Mirjam Dietrich (Marketing and Communication)

Responsible at SNK Identities AG: Oscar Todeschini, Armin Niederberger (overall responsibility), Stephan Egloff (strategy), Israel Moreno (head of design), Michael Okraj (design), Clau Isenring (text, concept), Diego Cortés (consulting)

Partners: Atfront AG (concept and design website), Dream Production AG (implementation website), tinkla GmbH (concept social media)

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