Process implements new branding for Galledia

Galledia, the largest independent media company in eastern Switzerland, has had a new image since June 6, 2018. The Zurich branding agency Process is responsible for the positioning and the CI/CD.


"With the new corporate identity, we can specifically advertise our competencies on the market. At the same time, the new appearance ensures sustainable brand management," says Daniel Ettlinger, CEO of the Galledia AG. The name "Galledia" remains, but the color and form have changed. The print, digital and publishing divisions are equally weighted in communication.

The brand promise "simple", "personal", "effective" has been consistently implemented in corporate communications as well as in marketing and communications materials. The rebranding includes a new logo, a new website, an image brochure, various stationery as well as fact sheets, reference cases and advertisements.


Responsible at Galledia: Stefan Zimmermann (Head of Digital, GL member), Daniel Schneider (Head of Print, GL member), Mirjam Belz (Communications), Walo Rüthemann (Customer Advisor), Dominik Schmid (Customer Advisor), Matteo Baschera (Head of Prepress), Yvonne Gadoni (Head of Customer Service), Fabienne Zeller (Lead Designer). Responsible at Process: Martin Fawer(Consulting Director & Member of the Executive Board), Elmar Müller (Lead Brand Consultant), Noé Robert (Consultant), Sandra Scheffknecht (Lead Designer), Bruno Manser (Digital Creative Director), Sarah Trendle (Digital Designer).

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