Coca-Cola launches the organic iced tea Honest Tea in Switzerland

Coca-Cola is launching Honest Tea, another iced tea brand, on the Swiss market in May. In the USA, the certified organic bottled tea celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.


For the time being, the drink is available in two flavors: black tea with raspberry and basil and green tea with lemon and honey. The target group is all those who maintain a balanced lifestyle. According to the press release, the certified organic tea offers authentic tea taste, contains little sugar and the ingredients are organically grown. "This launch is another step in the company's effort to become a comprehensive beverage provider. We want to offer our consumers the right drink for every moment in life and for every mood," said Matthias Schneider, head of corporate communications at Coca-Cola Switzerland.


In Switzerland, Honest Tea is initially launching with two flavours: Black tea with raspberry and basil and green tea with lemon and honey. Both varieties are now available in 375 ml PET bottles at Coop.


The story of Honest Tea begins in the late nineties in the USA. After ten years of growth, the Coca-Cola Company invested 40 percent in Honest Tea and acquired the company in 2011. Co-founder Seth Goldman commented at the time, "When we were brewing tea in my kitchen, we always hoped we could help redirect people's diets to organic, authentic drink recipes that taste just a little bit sweet." The brand has enjoyed great popularity since its inception. Even former US President Barack Obama is a self-confessed fan.

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