How to sell a house today

The Zurich agency Process realizes the new brand identity of the Swiss startup AgentSelly and simplifies real estate sales.


The digital transformation has also taken hold of the real estate industry. The startup AgentSelly (formerly: Fidesso) provides transparent support throughout the entire sales process. AgentSelly evaluates the property, creates sales documents and 360° videos, organizes appointments and takes care of all the paperwork involved in selling a property - all free of charge for the seller.

Process was commissioned for the rebranding of the new brand and is responsible for the three parts: brand identity, digital branding and communication strategy.

First, the brand strategy was developed, a new name defined and the corporate design elaborated. The digital broker Selly serves as brand ambassador, accompanying the customer in an authentic and sympathetic way. The heart of the new brand is the responsive website The platform, implemented on Typo3, offers calculators for evaluating the property and for financing a purchase, as well as the cockpit, in which all steps of the sales process can be tracked transparently.

For the launch of the new brand and the new website, Process developed the communication concept and created a campaign with films and other advertising materials. Thanks to the integrated implementation, a consistent user experience was made possible across all channels.

Startup co-founder Nicolas Hirschi is satisfied: "Process understood the business area very well and responded flexibly to our needs and wishes. The strategic work for the development of the brand formed a solid basis for the uniform appearance on the digital channels and in communication."


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