Davos Klosters: Brandpulse revitalizes brand of tourism destination

The tourism destination Davos Klosters is launching a new image developed by Brandpulse for the 2018 summer season. After Brandpulse strategically repositioned the brand in a two-year strategy process together with the Davos Klosters destination organization, the new brand is now setting a new benchmark for the entire tourism industry with its differentiating value proposition and the claim "Sports Unlimited".


As one of Switzerland's best-known Alpine vacation destinations, Davos Klosters offers a wide range of vacation, sports and conference facilities. Like many other tourism regions, Davos Klosters was faced with the challenge of clearly positioning the brand with a powerful brand promise in the competitive environment. In close cooperation with the destination organization, service providers and authorities were involved in the brand strategy and positioning development project. Detailed analyses of target group needs and competitors formed part of the decision-making basis for the new brand strategy.


The process has resulted in a concise, differentiating positioning: Davos Klosters is the only provider of comprehensive sports activities in a healthy mountain environment. No other destination in the Alps has such a diverse range of polysport activities with the corresponding infrastructure for summer and winter activities. With the aim of making the new strategy visible to all stakeholders and at the same time increasing its attractiveness, Brandpulse has revised the appearance of the brand. The repositioning and the new brand promise were communicatively staged. Accordingly, the previous logo from the 1980s was given an evolutionary overhaul.


The claim "Sports Unlimited" supports the strong, homogeneous appearance with the aim of creating a holistic customer experience. The concept will be consistently implemented in the areas of digital, print, out-of-home and environmental design. The Davos Klosters brand sets a new benchmark in tourism branding with its comprehensive value proposition for the entire region.

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