MetaDesign has completely revamped Vontobel's brand identity

In collaboration with MetaDesign, Vontobel has sharpened its identity. The new, contemporary image is intended to clearly communicate to the market what the global financial services provider stands for and equip it for the future.


The complete overhaul of the brand identity was necessitated not only by an outdated, digitally hostile corporate design, but also by the fact that although Vontobel was perceived by (potential) clients, the brand did not have good values in terms of brand clarity and brand preference. In other words, people knew that Vontobel existed, but not why they should work with this company in particular and what the Vontobel brand stood for.

The new identity and brand presence are now intended to link client benefits and the client experience unmistakably with Vontobel.


Over the past few months, Vontobel's employees around the world have therefore been involved in defining the convictions that underpin the company's actions: independent action, an unshakeable belief in the opportunities of the future and the ability to consistently pursue opportunities, even against the consensus, and to successfully exploit them for clients. The three "Vontobel Values": Ownership, Foresight and Tenacity.

Vontobel will embed the core elements of the identity in all internal performance and development processes as a key benchmark.

New appearance to strengthen employer attractiveness

The clear profile should also help Vontobel to remain an attractive employer in the future and to stand up to labor market competitors such as Google in the "battle" for sought-after talent. Vontobel has almost doubled the number of its employees over the past ten years and intends to continue to grow globally across all business units in the future. At the end of August, the global wealth and asset manager and product specialist presented ambitious targets for 2020 and confirmed its strong growth strategy.

Zeno Staub, CEO Vontobel: "In times of constant change, trust is won by those who demonstrate a clear profile. That is why we have decided to clearly state what we stand for. Our sharpened identity sends a clear signal and makes it clear what drives us and how we create added value for our clients. MetaDesign has accompanied us in this process with experience and clarity."

Logo now consists only of the word mark "Vontobel

Vontobel also intends to express its sharpened identity through a fundamentally revised brand identity. A new logo, visual design elements and a concise linguistic style form the basis of a brand identity that deliberately includes references to what has been achieved to date, but makes clear the aspirations for the future.

The logo will be based solely on the "Vontobel" word mark, which will provide a clear face for all activities worldwide.


The color spectrum, which is based on the Vontobel family's coat of arms, reflects the company's roots and the color choice reflects its orientation towards the digital future.


The new brand identity forms the basis for the implementation of all touchpoints - from digital services to building signage and the flagship magazine to the image campaign, which was also penned by MetaDesign, will be launched in October and is intended to bring the sharpened identity to the fore in a way that is unusual for banks.


Patrick Farinato, Global Head of Marketing and Communication Vontobel, says of the collaboration with MetaDesign that working with the agency's international offices was sometimes essential in order to do justice to the global nature of the task. Accordingly, MetaDesign works for Vontobel with a global team. Led by the Swiss offices in Zurich and Geneva, the Beijing and San Francisco offices in particular are closely involved in the collaboration. The agency began work on the new brand identity back in April 2016. (hae/pd)

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