The favorite logos of the branding experts

Fabian Bertschinger from Process, René Allemann from Branders and Katrin Hasler from Ruby answer in front of the camera which Swiss logos they find great and which they find unsuccessful. In addition, the experts reveal what they themselves consider when designing a new logo.


"You can judge a good logo by five criteria," says Katrin Hasler, who founded the Zurich agency Ruby a few months ago. "It has to be as simple as possible, as memorable as possible, flexible to use, so that it works in large and small applications - on and offline and in different media. It has to be timeless, so you don't have to redesign again and again. And, what's also very important: It has to fit well with the brand character, the brand positioning."

Katrin Hasler and also industry colleagues Fabian Bertschinger, creative director and member of the executive board at the Process agency, and René Allemann, founder and CEO of the branding company Branders, answered six questions about logos for Werbewoche: What is your favorite logo? Which do you find completely unsuccessful? What makes a good logo? What do you have to look out for when designing a new logo? Who needs a logo anyway? What is the importance of a logo in the overall brand identity?

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Numerous Swiss logos have made it to worldwide fame and sometimes tell hidden messages. Read the stories of 13 of the most famous Swiss logos in the current issue of Werbewoche 13/2017.



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