Gyselroth develops the brand for a unique jazz festival

The Festival da Jazz has been held in St. Moritz for ten years. Gyselroth revamped the brand to mark the anniversary. The new brand identity is intended to retain the recognition value, but at the same time better meet the requirements of an increasingly digital world.


Gyselroth has been supporting the Festival da Jazz for 10 years and is responsible for the brand image. The special feature of the festival is that internationally renowned artists perform in an intimate setting with a maximum of 150 spectators in the legendary Dracula Club. The brand was further developed for the anniversary. The aim was to maintain the high level of recognition while introducing a high degree of innovation and increasingly meeting the requirements of a digital world. The central element of the brand identity is the annually changing key visual. This year, for the first time, it was produced as a moving image sequence in collaboration with fashion photographer Christian Ammann. This ensures a consistent brand presence in digital media and display areas.

"We believe that brands need to think digitally from the ground up in order to survive in today's world. That's why we don't see digital measures as flanking but as part of a brand's DNA," says Andreas Roth, Creative Director.


The new Website follows the "mobile first" approach. The entire festival experience was analyzed using a customer journey analysis and the communication plan was defined. In addition to information about the concerts, the overall experience, including arrival and stay in the Engadin, is to be increasingly brought into focus through storytelling.


In addition to the digital measures, the print area was also developed further. The program booklet is now a 200-page festival guide that is not only intended to inform, but also to inspire. The anniversary photo series by festival photographer Matthias Heyde, the various fold-outs and the use of different types of paper invite you to explore.

Responsible at Festival da Jazz: Christian Jott Jenny (Artistic Director / Founder), Corinna Fueter (Partner and Sponsor Relations), Rebecca Bretscher (Artist Relations), Jeremias Dubno (Text), Marlon Nüscheler (Amis Relations), Cheryl Hoegger (Guest Relations). Responsible at Gyselroth: Andreas Roth (Creative Director), Alexandra Waldmeier (Brand Consultant), Nicole Kim (Brand Consultant), Mathias Nöthiger (Consultant Digital Branding), Simona Cellar (Senior Brand Designer), Christoph Schneider (UX Designer), Teresa Brand (Designer), Dana Badulescu (Designer), Jan Zimmermann (Frontend Engineer). Film Crew: Christian Ammann (Director and DOP), Simon Dickinson (Directors Assistant), Natalie Meier (Hair Make Up), Styleagent (Talent Agent), Peter Kuhn (Casting Director), Willie K (Actor). Media relations and social media: Eggliwintsch: Rea Eggli (Head of Communications, Partner), Claudia Wintsch (Head of PR, Partner), Eva-Maria Schleiffenbaum (PR Consulting), Alex Senn (Social Media Consulting, Campaigning).

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