Relaunch for Halsfeger

Almost 100 years ago, André Klein launched Switzerland's first filled herb candy. Now the Halsfeger herb candy is hitting the shelves with a new, old freshness. The branding and design agency Process developed the brand story, design, packaging and the new website.


It has been quiet around the Swiss herbal candy Halsfeger for the last few years. Just under two years ago, Egli - a distribution company for premium brands in the confectionery, toys and gifts sectors - bought the rights to the Halsfeger brand. Their goal: to breathe new life into the traditional brand and increase its appeal and presence for customers and retailers.

Modern retro character

Together with the agency Process, Halsfeger was positioned, the brand story, the design and the packaging developed, which will soon be on the shelves. A new website provides information about a piece of Swiss tradition and the history of the tasty and soothing sweets. It also brings to life some poster motifs (see animations in the appendix) that have long been considered classics of Swiss poster art.


For almost 40 years, the packaging remained unchanged. Now Process has reinterpreted the charming retro style of the Halsfeger design. The characteristic colors of green, blue and orange have been retained. New features are the curved blue band and the slightly adapted and harmoniously designed lettering. The many herbs and flowers are freed from their rigid arrangement and grow all over the packaging.


Filled with real honey

Halsfeger was launched in 1920 as Switzerland's first filled herb candy. The Bernese confectioner André Klein tried a new recipe in Basel. He developed a honey-filled candy from the honey mass for gingerbread. The idea was that the natural product honey should not only taste good, but also help people to get through the cold-ridden season in good health. It is still largely produced by hand in the traditional way and is still very popular.

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