Department of Noise creates auditory brand identity for Bank Cler

Zurich-based audio branding agency Department of Noise developed the soundscape for the new Bank Cler.


Since mid-May, all branches and communication channels of the former Bank Coop have been equipped with the new design and brand identity of Bank Cler. From now on, the newly developed sound of the bank is also audible on all channels.

Bank Cler aims to make banking transactions as uncomplicated and pleasant as possible. Transparency, a social attitude, and the bank's cooperative origins are writ large. However, the smallest of the six national retail banks also wants to take on a challenger position and challenge the industry leaders with a sharp positioning. This is precisely the focus of the design process for the auditory level - because the greatest potential of auditory brand management lies in conveying passion and character.

Courage to be different

Together with the bank and the branding agency Scholtysik & Partner, the Cler sound was developed and sharpened by the Zurich audio branding agency Department of Noise (DoN). The goal of developing a brand sound that does not sound like a brand sound was the focus. With a lot of courage and consistency, the team created a sound world that sounds fresh, self-confident and cool - and therefore amazingly authentic and different. Gregor Eicher, Head of Marketing Bank Cler: "The mixture of analytical and playful approach is what we liked about the collaboration with DoN. We challenged them again and again, and they responded and found solutions. Internally, the new Cler sound has already been very well received."

The core of the auditory identity is the audio logo, which is also used in the TV commercials. In addition, an elaborate soundscape, ringtones and various sound elements were produced for the visual communication. The brand's voice was also treated with great importance: Through the definition of tonality and voice color as well as castings, the appropriate voices in German, French and Italian were selected. Depending on the context, a male or female voice is used.

Philipp Schweidler, Department of Noise: "The direct and integrative way of working, both with the client and with the lead agency Scholtysik & Partner, was very inspiring. In keeping with the brand, all boundaries were explored. With remarkable unity, the team always went for the bold option."

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