Branders supports PostFinance with new brand identity

Based on the brand personality, the concept for PostFinance's brand presence is modernized by Branders.


Whether in paying, saving, investing, making provisions or financing - PostFinance sees itself as a partner in the daily handling of money. The products should be understandable and the conditions fair.

This is the aim of the PostFinance brand's attitude to life: "The joy of dealing with money - with a refreshing simplicity that inspires." Contact with PostFinance should be uncomplicated and convey positive emotions. PostFinance is in the middle of customers' everyday lives, business and private, digital and physical.

The brand sets its own accents in an increasingly competitive market - self-confident, modern, yet grounded. The imagery captures emotional moments and captures the power of the moment. They are strong images that move with spontaneous surprise and genuine closeness.

In addition to the imagery, the striking typography on a black surface with the proven logo and its color are typical of PostFinance's appearance. The new appearance will be introduced continuously on all media in cooperation with other PostFinance partners.


Responsible at PostFinance: Ursula Käser Aebi (Head of Communications, overall responsibility), Thomas Zimmermann (Head of Brand Management and Sponsorship), Kathrin Schürch (Project Management). Responsible at Branders: Pascal Geissbühler (Head of Strategy, overall responsibility), Philipp Knupp (Strategy Director), Ina Bernhardt (Brand Consultant), Thom Pfister (Creative Director), Palma Manco, Maria Fahringer (Senior Brand Designer), Dorothee Aargast (Brand Designer).

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