Migros launches "You", the new brand for pleasure and well-being

With its new own brand "You", Migros offers nutrition- and trend-conscious customers innovative products that focus on enjoyment and well-being


Whether it's a reduced-sugar yogurt or a "superfood" snack for in between meals, "You" products are also characterized by the simplest and most natural composition possible.

More and more customers want products that meet their need for an enjoyable, innovative and varied diet. Such products should, for example, be particularly rich in protein or fiber, or contain "superfoods," or have a low sugar or fat content, and also be as simple and natural in composition as possible. With "You," Migros has developed a new private label that meets these nutritional needs: "You" stands for enjoyment, for products that make you feel good.

So that customers can easily recognize what is special about the You product in question, properties such as high protein content, source of omega-3 fatty acids or less sugar are prominently displayed on the front in a "cloud".

First products - natural and innovative

The first products available immediately include six yogurt varieties. The first products are also available in the snack range.

Other "You" products from across the food sector will gradually be added to the range.

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