Brand work for coffee and wine

Studio Schoch designs a limited edition and an Italian trio for Café Royal. Schuler wines get a new umbrella brand from the brand agency.


Studio Schoch has been looking after the Café Royal brand since 2013 and is now designing the latest limited edition Café Royal Agent's Choice Espresso No. 2. Brand ambassador Robbie Williams tested and approved the intense espresso with pleasant fruity acidity and fine nutty aromas. To do justice to the agent on behalf of good taste, the packaging shines completely in gold foil.

Responsible at Studio Schoch:Dominik Schoch (Creative Director), Anna Schobinger (Design), Tina Fuchs (Consulting).


"La dolce Vita" - Strong coffee complements the Café Royal range

The Café Royal range has grown. In collaboration with Delica, Studio Schoch has created an Italian trio for Café Royal. In addition to the existing basic design, the three strong coffee varieties are given a frame in the flag colors of the country. The typical facets of Café Royal are also included in the Italian Edition and each color is matched to a color part of the flag, so that in the range it again results in the tricolor. The strength and value of the coffee are expressed in the foiled lettering below the Café Royal logo.

Responsible at Studio Schoch: Dominik Schoch (Creative Director), Anna Schobinger (Design), Tina Fuchs (Consulting).


Valuable wines

Schuler St. JakobsKellerei is not just a wine merchant but maintains close contact with local producers and is a pioneer in many regions, benefiting from a wide range of wine expertise. These values are to be conveyed in the communication of the umbrella brand.

Schuler wines are made with honest craftsmanship and passion - this transparency and honesty is strikingly implemented and expressed in the motif. On the one hand, the hands show Schuler as a wine merchant, on the other hand, they symbolize the competence that is passed on from generation to generation as well as to the customer.

Responsible at Studio Schoch:Dominik Schoch (Creative Director), Vera Loher (Design), Tina Fuchs (Consulting).

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