Platform, app, magazine: Coop launches culinary brand Fooby

Notch Interactive, as lead agency for Coop, creates the brand Fooby, the source of inspiration for all those who love to cook, eat and enjoy. Unic is responsible for the technical implementation and Virtue is content expert.


With this new brand, Coop wants to offer its customers a unique and holistic food experience throughout Switzerland, according to the claim: "We love Food".

Fooby: the new world of cooking

The completely new service brand Fooby combines food services from A to Z for the first time: from the app with personalizable cookbook and how-to videos to the Fooby magazine and recipe racks in supermarkets to the interactive website with automated shopping lists and direct ordering function at Coop@home. Fooby thus opens up a new world of cooking for customers without boundaries between the supermarket, online and at home.

The Fooby platform: content hub for culinary arts

The heart of the new culinary brand is The platform offers recipe and how-to videos with step-by-step instructions for beginners and cooking geniuses alike. In addition to these cooking aids, well-known "foodies" and bloggers serve up their latest discoveries and culinary experiences in text, images and multimedia content on the website.

In the newsletter and in the social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube - the content is promoted on the website. This is to make a vibrant content hub where "foodies" recommend and collect content.


The Fooby Magazine: Recipes and Stories à la Discrétion

Simple and sophisticated recipes, inspiration and stories from people who love food: Customers can find all of this regularly in Fooby magazine, which is included in the Coop newspaper several times a year. In addition, the magazine contains helpful and further-reaching content, as well as references to the platform and the app. The magazine will be published for the first time in mid-March 2017.


The Fooby app: the personal cooking and shopping aid

The Fooby app also offers numerous advantages for easy, enjoyable shopping and cooking - in a cooking apron pocket format. All favorite recipes and tips can be easily saved in the personal cookbook at any time. Users can also photograph recipes from other cookbooks and magazines with their smartphone - and they are already recorded in the electronic Fooby cookbook. To make shopping particularly easy, the app sorts the ingredients in the shopping list according to the departments in the supermarket.

Fooby at the POS: Inspiration and knowledge

In the Coop supermarkets, customers will find suitable shopping and cooking aids with the corresponding products. The visual world of Fooby is intended to whet the appetite for fresh ingredients, for cooking, for enjoying and for visiting Food facts, recipe cards that change monthly, lightning recipes on the shelf, information posters and brochures at the fresh food counter make customers feel the love of food.


The Fooby brand was created in collaboration with several partners: Notch Interactive as lead agency, Virtue as content partner and Unic as technology partner.

The lead agency Notch Interactive was responsible for the brand design of Fooby. Furthermore, Notch created the design and frontend of the platform and was mainly responsible for the conception and implementation of the Fooby magazine. A large part of the POS measures and advertising material for the launch campaign was also implemented by Notch Interactive.


Unic was responsible for the technical implementation of the powerful, scalable platform, which is based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2 and integrates the Coop systems. A corresponding JSON interface enables the use of mobile apps, an automated deployment process reduced the effort for installation and configuration of the platform and the customer is offered various interaction options. In order to master the challenging task, the partners jointly chose an agile approach.

Virtue, Vice Switzerland's content campaigning agency, has created over 200 different pieces of content for Fooby: These range from documentary video reports from the Swiss food scene to how-to and recipe videos to small-scale content assets for social media and individual texts for the Fooby magazine. Virtue is also responsible for Fooby's TVC, which can be seen throughout Switzerland.


Responsible at Coop: Thomas Schwetje (overall responsibility). Responsible at Notch Interactive: Peter van der Touw (overall responsibility). Responsible at Unic: Michael Bär (overall responsibility) . Responsible at Virtue: Raffael Leu (overall responsibility).

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