New Look for Nulu

Coop City's own brand Nulu is being relaunched for the spring season. KSP has created the appearance to match.


ith new logo and new collection in new style. Nulu shows that fashion can be trendy and practical in wearing comfort at the same time. An important quality feature of the new basic collection is the origin of the high-quality materials. Primarily natural fibers, almost entirely from Europe, are processed. For knitwear, for example, Biella yarns from Italy are used exclusively.

KSP created a new look to match Nulu's new style, which will be used immediately in print and in brochures, at POS, and as a film on the website.


Responsible at Coop City: Pia Bracher (Head of OB CM/Procurement Near&Nonfood); Ursula Künzle (Head of Advertising WH); Sonja Hunziker (Project Management Advertising WH). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Anita Kummer, Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Daniel Zehnder (text); Harry Zogg (consulting management); Rahel Habersaat, Lara Roos (consulting); Manuela Pasanen (DTP); Chris Tribelhorn (photography); Mirjam Käser (styling). Detail: (Image Processing).

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