Alpha 245 toasts new customer

Raphael Dal Bo Prosecchi e Spumanti has been focusing on passion since 1999, and newly on the collaboration with Alpha 245.


Sparkling wine producer Raphael Dal Bo Prosecchi e Spumanti has decided to realize several projects together with Alpha 245. Since 1999, the small Swiss-Italian company has been producing a range of fine sparkling wines. Not just anywhere, but in Valdobbiadene, the northern Italian region where Prosecco originated.

In the area of branding, Alpha 245 has already designed a series of five roll-up banners for wine fairs and is currently developing labels for a new product together with Raphael Dal Bo. Virtually overnight, a mailing has been created to alert retailers to the end-of-year festive season business with an offer for the best and best-selling organic Prosecco in Switzerland. In 2017, a positioning campaign will further consolidate Dal Bo's market position in Switzerland.


Responsible at Raphael Dal Bo Prosecchi e Spumanti: Raphael Dal Bo (Founder and Managing Director); Sabrina Schoch (Account Manager Switzerland). Responsible at Alpha 245: Patrick Senn, Mario Moosbrugger (creative direction); Marion Lim (text); Joy Guerotto (junior/AD); Paula Strittmatter and Stephanie Rüegg (consulting); Daniel Belser (DTP); Walter Tagliaferri (overall responsibility).

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