Branders: Rebranding for Atupri

Branders implemented a comprehensive rebranding for Atupri - from repositioning the brand, making it tangible at all points of contact, to a new advertising campaign.


The demands on health insurance have changed: People today are no longer passive patients, but well-informed and demanding. They want a partner who responds to their individual concerns and accompanies them with 24/7 service.

In order to meet these changing customer needs, Branders, a consulting firm specializing in branding, was commissioned with a comprehensive rebranding of the health insurance company Atupri. In line with the omnichannel approach, i.e. the holistic linking of brand, customer behavior and communication, the assignment included not only sharpened positioning and rebranding but also a new advertising campaign.


Atupri is repositioned as a healthcare insurer that enables people to make the right decisions for their health in a self-determined manner. Atupri supports this not only with flexible insurance solutions and preventive offers, but also with high service quality and availability on all channels. For example, a new customer portal was launched and the benefits of the Mivita supplementary insurance, which is unique in Switzerland and automatically adapts to the phases of life, were expanded with comprehensive health-promoting measures.


To bring Atupri's new positioning to life, the health insurer is appearing in a completely new look from today. A fresh, simple design system and a stand-alone imagery in black and white with authentic actors reflect Atupri's approachable and empowering attitude, while the new colour scheme with blue and red sets activating accents. Self-determined health is also at the heart of the new campaign, which launches on 24 October.


Responsible at Atupri: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Marketing and Sales and Member of the Executive Board), Regula Meier (Head of Marketing Communications), Angela Wälti (Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO), Thom Pfister (Creative Director), Maria Fahringer (Senior Brand Designer), Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter), Thea Ferretti (Senior Brand Consultant), Ina Bernhardt (Brand Consultant), Damian Hess (Brand Designer), Ann Kunz (Media Designer). Photographer Image World: Tobias Gromatzki.

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