Study: majority of companies offer Twint as a payment option

Around 76 percent of Swiss online and offline stores now offer Twint as a payment method, and since 2022 Denner, Lidl and McDonald`s have also done so.

The number of acceptance points for Twint is growing steadily: according to a recent study by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, around 77 percent of brick-and-mortar stores and 76 percent of online stores in Switzerland now offer Twint as a payment method. By 2022, numerous retailers will have Twint up and running as a payment option. Retailers such as Coop, Migros and Aldi, which have already been accepting payments via Twint for some time, have been joined this year by the likes of Denner and Lidl. And McDonald's has also been using Twint since this spring.

The number of online stores offering Twint as a payment option has also increased. Globus, Hotelplan, ifolor, Breuninger, Just Eat and Zalando, for example, are new participants.

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