Balance after Black Friday & Co.: Swiss shopped mainly for diapers has evaluated the shopping data of this year's Singles Week, Black Friday Week and Cyberweek and analyzed the most popular product categories.

Singles Day, Black Friday & Co. are over - but what did the Swiss end up with in their shopping baskets? investigated this and found out: The German-speaking Swiss generally enjoyed the promotion days more than the other language regions of Switzerland.

Almost 80 percent of all orders came from households in German-speaking Switzerland. The most expensive shoppers were those in Zug, while the least expensive were those in Appenzell Innerrhoden. On average, Zug residents spent over CHF 70 more than Appenzell residents. What united all regions of Switzerland, however, was the enormous demand for diapers. They landed in the shopping baskets the most over the campaign days. Almost five times the amount of a normal week was sold in wet wipes and diapers in all sizes. Only more popular than diapers among men were headphones. Otherwise, men mainly shopped for the Seven25 annual public transport subscription, lighting accessories such as Philips Hue and smartphones. After diapers and the Seven25 subscription, women also bought headphones, smartphones and Lego.

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