Friday says no to Black Friday - and yes to swapping

Friday's online store will be closed on Black Friday and customers will be redirected to an exchange platform. There will also be exchange events in the local stores.

On Black Friday, Freitag promotes the exchange instead of the buying frenzy: The online store remains closed on this day, and users are redirected to the exchange platform S.W.A.P.. And instead of offering discounts, this year for the first time Friday is enticing people into local stores with bag-swapping events.

There is probably little that is less compatible with the circular economy than Black Friday. That's why, on days like these, Freitag prefers to focus on long-lasting products and sensible services and refuses to engage in wasteful discount battles. For several years now, the circular-thinking bag makers from Zurich have been using Black Friday to say "yes" to sensible consumption and "no" to the shopping frenzy with positive initiatives.

On Black Friday, Freitag invites all those who already have one but would like a new one to swap bags: under the motto "Don't store, just swap", the online store will remain closed and users will be redirected directly to the self-developed, global bag exchange platform S.W.A.P. (Shopping Without Any Payment). This year, for the first time, the Friday offline stores from Zurich to Tokyo will also participate and invite to a real exchange of bags face to face.

Other brands are also taking a stand against overconsumption on Black Friday:

- Denim brand Mud Jeans is closing its online store and selling vintage jeans via livestream.
- Fashion brand Raeburn shuts down online store and offers in-store repair service.
- Slow fashion label Asket is closing its online store and encouraging care, repair and reuse.
- Flamingos life (vegan sneakers) are closing their online store.
- Soeder Soap calls on customers to refill without waste.
- Secrid offers customers a free repair service.
- Oy is also closing its online store and calling for a donation instead.
- Folding bike provider Brompton offers its customers in the UK a free bike rental.

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