Unclouded anticipation for Black Friday and Christmas shopping in Switzerland

The desire to buy gifts for yourself and others remains unbroken despite coronavirus restrictions. What has changed is the place and time of purchase, as the Black Friday study by the Swiss brochure app Profital shows.


Consumers are continuing to buy from bricks-and-mortar stores, but are focusing more on online shopping than before. They are also being inspired by promotions when it comes to Christmas gifts. Good prospects for retailers with carefully selected offers at the right time.


Black Friday trend for boys

Black Friday 2020 is eagerly awaited by many consumers despite - or perhaps because of - the extraordinary situation. This was revealed by a representative nationwide survey of around 3,500 users of Profital, the app for digital brochures and promotions. Half of those surveyed definitely expect to benefit from special offers on November 27. A further 30 percent may be inspired spontaneously. The younger the respondents, the greater their interest in Black Friday. Offers in the fashion and electronics sectors are very popular, with over 50 percent of respondents wanting to take advantage of them. Furnishing and cosmetics bargains are also in demand.


Black Week will distribute visitor flows

Fears that coronavirus could have a negative impact on consumer sentiment are unfounded. The impact of the pandemic can be seen elsewhere: one in five people feel uncomfortable in stores - compared to one in ten in October. A development that Profital Managing Director Raphael Thommen had expected. However, the retail expert knows: "To ensure that the streams of visitors pass each other by as easily as possible, many of the offers will not only be available on Black Friday, but throughout Black Week from November 23." A big rush is expected this year not only in the stores, but also online: 43% of respondents say they will shop more online because of coronavirus.


The Swiss buy Christmas presents early

This year's Christmas business also looks promising: On average, six gifts will be given. On average, women give 1.2 more gifts than men, but they spend more per gift. Another finding: Christmas presents are not bought at the last minute. 47 percent start in November or even earlier, while only 7 percent buy presents in the last few days before Christmas. The results of the study show that price also plays an important role when buying gifts: 32% of respondents wait until the desired product is on sale. 34 percent are inspired by offers for a gift. Only 18 percent buy gifts regardless of promotions.
Information about Black Friday


About the study

The Profital study examines consumer behaviour on Black Friday and in the run-up to Christmas as well as the impact of COVID-19. 3,471 users of the Profital app were surveyed throughout Switzerland for the study, including 2,369 in German-speaking Switzerland, 735 in French-speaking Switzerland and 367 in Ticino. The representative consumer survey took place between November 2 and 5, 2020.

In the app of the same name and on the Profital.ch website, users can find brochures, promotions and store information from over 100 retailers and brand manufacturers.

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