Switzerland is thinking positively again

The OMG Corona Tracker examines how Switzerland is experiencing the Corona crisis, lockdown and reopening in several waves of surveys. The latest figures show: Optimism is returning among the Swiss population.

Now that the first exit measures from the lockdown have been implemented, optimism is spreading among the Swiss population that they will soon return to a new normal. At the same time, however, people are adjusting to longer-term consequences of the crisis. Concerns about health, jobs and the future are on the decline again. Only 27 percent (vs. 43 percent before Easter) are still concerned about family health. Only 11 percent (vs. 21 percent) say they are worried about the overall situation.

denkt wieder positiv

However, more people expect long-term effects than before the holidays (59 percent versus 50 percent). On the one hand, positive consequences are expected, such as advancing digitization, the establishment of home offices and thus, for many, the opportunity to spend more and more consciously with their families, but on the other hand, the Swiss also expect negative changes, especially restructuring in the labor market, loneliness among older people and psychological disorders.

Attitudes toward daily shopping reflect the developments of recent weeks very well. After hoarding purchases and self-restraint, people subsequently avoided rush hours and went to only a few stores. In the meantime, however, behavior is moving back toward "normality." In online grocery shopping, the number of decliners has continued to rise, while the number of potential new customers has fallen.

denkt wieder positiv

"All in all, there seems to be a growing feeling among the population that the situation in this country is well under control and that people have kept to the restrictions long enough, but that it is now time for more freedom. Switzerland wants to become "normal" again. The fourth wave of our study, in which we examine the consequences of the first loosening of restrictions, will show to what extent this has been achieved," says Michael Selz, Head of Insights at Omnicom Media Group, who is responsible for the study.


About the study

The OMG Corona Tracker examines in several survey waves how Switzerland experiences the Corona crisis, the lockdown and the reopening. So far, 3 waves have been conducted in late March, early April and late April. Further waves are planned.

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