"I don't want to cloud creativity with control"

Tobias Bachmüller, Managing Director and CMO of Katjes, explains at the Swiss Brand Congress and exclusively in a video talk to m&k Werbewoche.ch how Katjes' vegan orientation is revolutionizing marketing as a game idea and why creativity should not be clouded by control.

In the videotalk with m&k advertisingweek.ch On stage at the Swiss Brand Congress at the Dolder in Zurich, Tobias Bachmüller, Managing Partner and CMO of Katjes, explains the company's marketing strategy. Inspired by the quote from Carlo Ancelotti, currently the most successful football coach in the world, that football consists of defence (organization) and attack (talent and creation), Bachmüller transfers this concept to marketing.

Katjes sets itself apart from the competition by completely avoiding gelatine and using starch instead. This "defensible characteristic" starts in the factory and is communicated positively to consumers without relying on shock images. Instead, Katjes emphasizes the value of every life and relies on cheerful, positive advertising messages with animal motifs.

Bachmüller emphasizes that creativity is encouraged by simple, clear messages - at Katjes, this is the word "vegan". In the digital marketing world, Katjes makes heavy use of social media such as Instagram and TikTok to attract the attention of the target group with interesting content.

One bold example from the poster advertising was the depiction of a Muslim woman, which caused discussion. Another poster showed a 107-year-old woman with the message "Every life is valuable", which also sparked a lot of discussion, but was largely received positively.

Katjes is also present at important events on television, for example with an advertising spot during the opening match of the European Football Championship between Germany and Scotland. Bachmüller emphasizes that such events offer an opportunity to reach a broad target group, even those who do not normally watch linear television.

In conclusion, Bachmüller emphasizes that he himself has learned a lot at the Swiss Marketing Congress thanks to presentations by Weleda, On and Switzerland Tourism and appreciates the event as it promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience.

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