Swiss Tourism now has a joint ombudsman's office

HotellerieSuisse, Switzerland Tourism, GastroSuisse and IG Parahotellerie are creating a joint ombudsman's office. This new service will be integrated into the existing services of the Swiss travel industry ombudsman and will be available from July 2024. The aim is to help improve the quality of service in Swiss tourism.

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Challenges also occur occasionally in Swiss tourism: A hotel room does not meet expectations, the service in a restaurant leaves something to be desired or a booked activity is unexpectedly canceled. If disagreements between guests and the operators of the offers cannot be resolved in a joint dialog, a reliable and neutral authority is needed to mediate quickly and effectively.

For this reason, HotellerieSuisse, Switzerland Tourism, GastroSuisse and the IG Parahotellerie have joined forces to create an ombudsman's office for tourism. The initiative will be incorporated into the Proven offer from the ombudsman of the Swiss travel industry integrated. Active since 1990, the impartial mediator between guests and travel companies has so far mainly operated in the outgoing sector. The expanded service, which will be available from July 2024, will also be available to guests in Switzerland as a destination.

"A strong sign of quality and customer satisfaction"

The creation of this central, neutral contact point strengthens "trust in Swiss tourism" and promotes service quality in the industry: "The joint ombudsman's office is an important milestone for our industry. It illustrates our joint commitment to the highest quality standards and the satisfaction of our guests," emphasizes Nicole Brändle, Director of HotellerieSuisse. It will also enable more intensive cooperation within the industry.

The platform also acts as a contact point in two respects - on the one hand for guests traveling to Switzerland and on the other for Swiss accommodation providers seeking information and advice, which closes an existing gap in the offering.

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