German brands now also rely on Refluenced

With an online campaign, an appearance at OMR and a successful second round of financing, the Swiss influencer platform "Refluenced" is expanding into Germany in leaps and bounds.

Refluenced at the OMR in Hamburg: Quirin Hasler, Luca Eberhardt, Anke Heyser, Jonas Holzer and Carmen Würth (from left to right). (Picture: zVg.)

At Interview with Refluenced has been described as Tinder for companies and influencers. But the Zurich-based start-up wants to do much more than just bring companies and influencers together: "Refluenced has made it its mission to simplify the influencer marketing process for everyone involved and promote better results in the process," says Quirin Hasler, Co-Founder and CEO.

According to Refluenced, there is already interest in the influencer platform in Germany: The Master Class at OMR 2024 with Foundry was fully booked in no time, despite Kim Kardashian's appearance at the same time. Brands, influencers and agencies were offered insights, challenges and solutions relating to micro-influencing.

The main focus here is on the rapidly advancing trend of nano- and micro-influencing. "Focusing on creators with around 1,000 to 30,000 followers promotes creative and more authentic content, because influencers with a comparatively small following are often more committed, more credible and have more local impact," explains Jonas Holzer, co-founder of Refluenced. "At the same time, a budget that would traditionally have been enough for just one collaboration can have more impact in the long term if it is spread across several creators."

Founded in 2022, the data-driven platform for nano- and micro-influencers enables brands and agencies to manage the process through to successful content playout, including reporting, using a simple tool. Influencers apply to brands on Refluenced - and not the other way around: "By influencers applying to collaborations that feel authentic and motivating, more convincing content is created. A win-win for both sides," says Quirin Hasler.

Refluenced launched its own campaign back in the fall of 2023 to kick off its expansion into Germany. The Foundry agency, which is also an investor behind the start-up, provided support.

Refluenced has just secured its second round of financing to enter the German market. "We successfully closed the 2023 financial year and experienced a significant growth spurt in the first quarter of 2024. The financing we have received will enable us to push ahead with our expansion into Germany faster than originally planned," explains Hasler.

The financing of around one million Swiss francs is led by both existing and new investors, including Anja Graf, known from "Höhle des Löwen", and Thomas Brändle, President of Swiss FinTech.

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