Regio-Puur is Marketing Star Schaffhausen 2023

On Tuesday, the Marketing Arena with a new concept took place at the Kinepolis cinema in Schaffhausen. As part of the event, the "Marketing Stars" were awarded for the first time to selected marketeers. Around 200 people attended the event.

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Already for the 13th time the platform for knowledge exchange around the topics marketing, communication and sales took place in Schaffhausen on Tuesday. The event is organized by the Swiss Marketing Club Schaffhausen.

This year, however, the Marketing Arena came up with a completely new concept. In addition, the event was held for the first time at the Kinepolis cinema. The focus of the event was on accomplished "marketing stars" who gave their presentations on various marketing and sales topics.

Yves Heer, beverage inventor and CEO, for example, demonstrated how to successfully place a new brand in a brand diversity. And soccer player Ana Maria Markovic told how she became a Swiss influencer with more than 2.9 million followers.

On the subject of change management, Raphael Pedroncelli, Managing Director Operations at Zurich's Hotel Storchen, showed why, for him, standing still is always a step backwards. And top athlete Heinz Frei motivated the audience and spoke about resilience.

Afterwards, Yves Dähler, Managing Director of Rigert Liftsysteme and former Head of Global Sales at Victorinox, provided insights into his successful objectives as well as sales and sponsoring strategies. The event was moderated by Andrea Imthurn and Ralph Aichem, two board members of Swiss Marketing Schaffhausen.

The 200 or so participants were also able to vote live at the Marketing Arena using digital voting to determine who would take home the "Marketing Star Schaffhausen 2023" trophy, which comes with a prize of 1,000 Swiss francs. For this purpose, the Marketing Arena OC nominated three surprise candidates from Schaffhausen for special achievements in the field of marketing. The three nominees included Fabienne Spiller with the "Living Museum" concept, Bruno Bosshard with the regional delivery service "Regio-Puur" and Francis Batali with his own fashion label "William".

Bruno Bosshard was voted "Marketing Star Schaffhausen 2023" by the public with the Regio-Puur concept, the regional delivery service of local, seasonal food. The products are delivered to the home and office, individually or by subscription.

The Marketing Arena Schaffhausen is a platform for knowledge exchange around the topics of marketing and communication. The event is organized by Swiss Marketing Schaffhausen, one of the 20 regional clubs of the Swiss professional and trade association Swiss Marketing. The event, which attracts around 180 participants, has become one of the leading business events in the region and beyond since it was first held in 2009.

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