Study: Swiss increasingly watch their money when shopping

The new Shopper Guide from Bring provides facts and figures on consumption in Switzerland. It shows that Swiss shoppers are paying increasing attention to special offers when planning their purchases.

Swiss consumers are paying increasing attention to offers when planning their purchases - and increasingly doing so digitally. This is the finding of the Shopper Guide 2023 by Bring! Labs AG, operator of the shopping app Bring! Every year, the Swiss company analyzes the shopping behavior of Swiss consumers on the basis of anonymized shopping lists from the Bring! app and a survey among its users.

Offers are playing an increasingly important role in shopping planning - from the choice of brands and products (46 percent) to ultimately the choice of store (42 percent). The Swiss inform themselves digitally about current offers; almost one in two (49 percent) use brochure apps, websites or offer newsletters for their shopping planning. But other factors beyond price also have an influence on long-term shopping behavior - for example, zero waste (31 percent) emerged as an important factor for the first time.

80 percent pay attention to the price

A trend is continuing: The Swiss are increasingly looking at money when planning their purchases. For example, 80 percent currently pay attention to product prices when shopping. Current offers are also becoming increasingly important: While they were very important for 36 percent in 2022, this figure rose again significantly to 46 percent in 2023 and thus includes almost half of all Swiss consumers. A development that is certainly due to the sharp rise in consumer goods prices as a result of inflation. Almost half of consumers (46 percent) also choose certain brands and products on the basis of current offers and promotions; 42 percent even select which store they store in on this basis.

To save money, the Swiss prepare their purchases well: For almost one in three (31 percent), extensive study of advertising brochures is an integral part of their weekly planning. More and more are making use of digital options. Around half (49 percent) of those surveyed said they find out about current offers and special promotions online, whether via brochure apps, social media, newsletters or special websites. For three quarters (75 percent) of those surveyed, digital formats have a clear advantage: thanks to the smartphone, they are always at hand and can therefore also be viewed while on the move.

For 45 percent, the ecological aspect also plays a role in their choice of digital handouts. Overall, the Swiss:in plan around one to two purchases per week.

The Shopper Guide 2023 stands here ready for download.

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