Accelerom launches maturity assessment for customer orientation

With the new assessment of the Zurich-based consulting and research company Accelerom, the maturity level of a company, an authority or an organization can be determined in a few steps, opportunities can be systematically identified and clear strategic and operational priorities for implementation can be set.

Christoph Spengler is Founder and Managing Director at Accelerom

The Accelerom Customer Orientation Maturity Assessment (AKRA) aims to determine the current state of customer orientation of a company or organization. It asks whether the company can already be considered an expert in this area or whether there is still room for improvement.

The genesis of AKRA was driven by the desire for an assessment that offered clear added value. It should not be just another check in a long list of reviews. The motivation behind it can be explained by the observation that many companies lose track of what they are doing due to the abundance of terms related to "customer orientation". Terms such as touchpoints, customer journey, target groups, artificial intelligence, data lake, marketing automation and, more recently, ChatGPT are undoubtedly important topics, but the question arises as to where to start.

Christoph Spengler, founder and managing director of Accelerom, emphasizes that the AKRA assessment is the first step in standing out from the crowd and giving customer orientation a sustainable boost. The strategies and measures formulated are aimed at achieving real impact, such as increasing customer satisfaction, boosting customer value and extending customer loyalty periods.

The four dimensions of customer orientation: customer experience, customer process, technology and data, and corporate culture

AKRA is based on four dimensions of customer orientation. These dimensions are designed to help companies overcome their process-oriented thinking and systematically unlock the opportunities of customer orientation. Accelerom's assessment combines the expertise of leading experts in the field of customer orientation. In collaboration with them, an assessment system has been developed that comprises around 70 questions. This system covers all relevant aspects of customer orientation: "Customer Experience", "Customer Process", "Technology and Data", and "Corporate Culture".

Each of these four dimensions is analyzed by a comprehensive assessment system based on the expertise of leading customer orientation experts. This enables precise identification of strategic and operational fields of action. The principle of "less is more" is followed in the formulation of measures and fields of action: Five effective measures are more valuable than countless insights.

Delivery result after maturity assessment: where your company stands compared to a benchmark

Christoph Spengler again emphasizes that AKRA is not only an assessment, but also serves as a basis for concrete action plans. The basic offering includes two to three workshops with the main stakeholders to analyze the current status and jointly define measures and goals.



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