Young German entrepreneurs rely on digital DIY tools

A survey by GoDaddy in Germany underscores the implementation-oriented mindset of Gen Z: 59% of small business owners from this age group have created their website independently - that's significantly more than among milennials or Gen X entrepreneurs.

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The survey shows that all entrepreneurs - regardless of their age - are aware of the impact of a well-designed website on their business. In fact, 79% of respondents agree that their website has a positive impact on sales. Similarly, 38% agree with the statement that the company website serves as a catalyst for sales on other channels. In addition, 43% of respondents emphasize that their website gives them access to new target groups.

When it comes to the use of marketing tools, Gen Z in particular shows a clear affinity for technology and automation: 79% of respondents from this age group use automation tools for their marketing, compared with 63% of Millennials and just 40% of Gen X.

Investing in social media marketing

In terms of marketing activities, more than half (54%) of the survey participants would like to invest in social media advertising, while 49% of the respondents prioritize switching to responsive web design. Another 47% are planning SEO optimization to increase their online visibility.

"The survey shows that young entrepreneurs in Germany have a great desire to take a hand in building and growing their own business," sums up Alexandra Anderson, Marketing Director at GoDaddy Germany.

The survey "GoDaddy Data Observatory. of website and domain provider GoDaddy was conducted in March 2023 by Advanis in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand and the USA. The respondents were owners of small businesses with a maximum of 50 employees. A total of 4,682 entrepreneurs were surveyed for the study, including 480 in Germany.

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