Adello combines mobile advertising and artificial intelligence

The new advertising format #ChatWithMe enables users to talk to a virtual assistant directly in the advertising banner. This goes beyond the performance of chatbots.

Ad tech provider Adello is breaking new ground with the launch of #ChatWithMe: The AI-powered advertising format invites users to get in touch with a virtual assistant. The type of interaction is more natural thanks to "conversational AI",
simpler and at the same time more in-depth than is the case with common chatbots, Adello shares.

This would open up a new way of product and brand interaction directly in the advertising medium. By using ChatGPT capabilities in conjunction with specific product or company information for natural language processing, companies can now build more natural, deeper, more personal connections with their target audiences.

The advertising format allows users to converse directly in the advertising banner with a virtual assistant who answers questions and provides detailed information about the advertised product or company. Adello filters the input, defines the roles and integrates customer-specific data. Brand safety is also a given.

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