New advertising offer in train stations

In new red boxes, marketed by Tamas Media, advertisers can deposit magazines, journals or other printed matter at Swiss train stations, where passers-by can take them away themselves.

For train passengers, commuters and all other station visitors, there is now a new SBB advertising option marketed by Tamas Media: eye-catching red boxes that can be found at more than 140 stations throughout Switzerland. There are 260 boxes in total, 220 of them in German-speaking Switzerland and 40 in French-speaking Switzerland. The boxes can be filled with magazines, periodicals or other printed advertising material.

The dispensers are located in select, high-traffic areas, thoroughfares and eye-catching locations. According to Tamas Media, they provide one million contact opportunities per day. There is also the option of placing a poster that draws attention to the content.

Less wastage

Commuters help themselves to the boxes. This increases the quality of contact and reduces wastage, according to Tamas Media. For a uniform appearance at the station, the red boxes were grouped together with the blue "20 Minuten" boxes wherever possible. The boxes can be occupied on a weekly basis. The filling quantity and duration depend on the customer's needs.

Tamas Media GmbH will now be responsible for marketing the boxes and for the entire control of the display. Tamas Media is the operator of a health platform with a public magazine, which is also distributed via the red boxes.


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