Lenzerheide wants to increase its Instagramability

The Lenzerheide vacation region wants to increase its "Instagramability" in the area of cross-country skiing. Starting on Friday, four different photo spots will be located at the edge of the cross-country trails in Parpan, at Heidsee and in Lantsch/Lenz. They are part of the Nordic campaign "Fun First", which aims to bring more fun into cross-country skiing.

Lenzerheide also relies on influencer marketing. Especially in the topic of cross-country skiing, the vacation region wants to present itself in a new light and appeal to a broader target group. This goal was already worked on last year with the "This is Nordic by Lenzerheide." campaign (Werbewoche.ch reported). This year, "Fun First" will be added.

"Instead of pure communication measures, this campaign kills several birds with one stone," explains Nicole Gysi, Brand Manager Nordic of the Lenzerheide vacation region. "Guests get an additional on-site experience and the cross-country ski region benefits from user-generated content, i.e. pictures and videos shared by guests on social media. An application that is authentic and appropriate for the target group."

The necessary incentive, including varied backdrops, is to be created with the "Lenzerheide Photo Spots" - distributed among the three political municipalities of Churwalden, Vaz/Obervaz and Lantsch/Lenz in the Lenzerheide vacation region. The four photo spots are located at the Parpan cross-country skiing center, at the Canols kiosk on the Heidsee lake, along the Heidsee lake and on the St. Cassian site in Lantsch/Lenz. The locations have been chosen in such a way that even non-cross-country skiers:inside can become aware of them and use the backdrops.

"Self-staging and self-expression have been in vogue for quite some time. Best proof are the social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Co. With the newly created photo spots, in the style of the selfie houses in big cities, we offer our guests the ideal platform," says Marc Schlüssel, CMO of the vacation region Lenzerheide. "We create incentives to put oneself and one's friends in the limelight in a creative way and to give free rein to photographic ideas and fantasies in order to take original selfies and photos. In this way, we virtually turn our visitors into unique influencers and authentic brand ambassadors."

It's all a question of perspective

Perspective is the common denominator of the four installations: It's all about optical illusions. Thus, in "The. Loop.", for example, which was created in collaboration with Salomon, you stand on your head, or you walk skyward over an "invisible staircase" in the installation "Stairway. To. Heaven." installation at Heidsee. "New. Perspectives." can also be found at Heidsee if you take pictures of yourself at the perfect angle under guidance, so that small and large mix. The last installation "Mirror. Maze." in Lantsch/Lenz is a kind of mirror maze in which optical illusions can be captured and photographed with the help of reflections.

Pictures tagged #lenzerheidefotospots are posted on the social wall at. Lenzerheide.swiss/photo-spots listed. At the end of the season the best pictures will be awarded.

Responsible at Lenzerheide Marketing and Support: Marc Schlüssel (CMO), Nicole Gysi (Brand Manager Nordic); Pointbreak Events (implementation): Micha Federle, Hannah Beneke.

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