Emmi markets Sbrinz for the first time

Sbrinz AOP cheese will be marketed by Emmi from 2023. The Sbrinz varietal organization has concluded a performance agreement with the Lucerne milk processor for advertising and marketing.

(Screenshot: Youtube.com / Sbrinz AOP)

The extraordinary shareholders' meeting, which consists of one-third each of representatives of traders, cheesemakers and milk producers, unanimously approved the agreement on Monday, with no abstentions, Sbrinz announced on Tuesday. All parties involved are thus pulling in the same direction, Stefan Heller, managing director of the variety organization, told the Keystone-SDA news agency.

The aim of the collaboration with Emmi is to make the Sbrinz AOP variety heard on the cheese market, Heller said. This is to be achieved with a uniform image that strengthens recognition.

Until now, the Sortenorganisation has done the marketing for Sbrinz, but has not sold any cheese itself, a construct that is not optimal according to Heller. By handing over marketing and communications to Emmi, market development and sales are moving closer together.

Produce and sell more Sbrinz

With the cooperation with Emmi, the varietal organization is aiming for more Sbrinz AOP to be produced and sold. The current annual production of 1600 tons should be increased by 500 tons within ten years, he said. Then the 25 Sbrinz cheese dairies will be well utilized, Heller said.

Although Sbrinz AOP is one of the best-known Swiss cheeses, its share of domestic cheese production is less than 1 percent. In addition, Sbrinz faces strong competition from Italian "pasta cheese," Heller continued. Of the latter, several times the Sbrinz production is imported from Italy to Switzerland.

Emmi has already been an important partner of Sbrinz AOP. Around four out of five loaves are traded via the Lucerne-based milk processor. The two other Sbrinz traders, affineur and exporter Lustenberger & Dürst from Cham ZG and Intercheese from Beromünster LU, will not be disadvantaged by the collaboration between Sbrinz and Emmi, however, according to Heller. They can also access the marketing resources, he said.

The new marketing regime for Sbrinz will come into force on January 1, 2023. The Sbrinz Variety Organization will continue to act as the owner of the Sbrinz AOP brand and will remain responsible for the administrative continuation of the office in Sursee LU, the statement said. (SDA)

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