Emotional marketing tool: Hotel Mamma relies on video

The Hotel Mamma with the Osteria of the same name in Bremgarten recognized the advantages of the medium film as a marketing tool early on. Now it was time for a new video production. Motionfood realized the new film and shows why hotels should rely on video.

Hotel Mamma

At Hotel Mamma with its Osteria Italianità is celebrated. Instead of a menu, there is a daily changing 5-course menu according to old recipes and with fresh ingredients. This is intended to appeal to connoisseurs who like to take their time for an extended, genuine Italian meal in a cozy atmosphere.

The new film comes as an introduction to the website and is intended to present the business and in particular the special restaurant concept - for guests who do not yet know the house. In addition, Hotel Mamma relies on various short and themed videos on Facebook and Instagram.

"We have already successfully used the film, which was shot in 2016, as an introduction to our website. It emotionally conveyed what guests can expect from us," says owner Charles Brun. "We wanted to top that - with a fresh video production - that is even more meaningful and explains our unique concept. As with the first film shoot, we contacted Motionfood in Zürch-Schlieren. The new video for website and social media was created quickly and without complications. We are very happy with the result and will now use it to play on our marketing channels."

Motionfood: Why a hotel needs a video

  • Great feelingsAmbience and mood can be conveyed much better in a film than through photos and texts.
  • More information: A few seconds of film convey more information than ten or more images.
  • Clear differentiation: A well-made video shows the difference to competitors faster and better than texts and photos.
  • High attention: Videos reach a wide range on the web and social media.
  • Longer dwell time: Users stay longer on videos than on images. This extends the time of use on the website, which is relevant for search engines and ranking on Google.
  • Higher click rates: Videos influence purchase decisions and increase bookings.
  • Multiple benefits: A film can be used in many ways and can be divided into different sequences, for example for use on website and social media or in the newsletter.
  • Manageable costs: A video production is not necessarily more expensive than a classic photo shoot.

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