Film Tannery realizes documentary series about the new Swiss ski dress

Normally, the development process of the Swiss ski racing dress is kept secret. For the first time, MySports and Filmgerberei have revealed it in a four-part documentary.

SkiAfter 20 years of Swisscom, Sunrise is the new main sponsor for the Swiss ski association Swiss Ski ( reported). There is accordingly a lot of expectation and pressure around the new national ski racing dress.

The new design is intended not only to convey speed visually, but also to physically extract the necessary hundredths of a second for Swiss ski athletes.

How does a design make a ski suit faster? In addition to the supplier Descente, a number of experts from design and technology were involved in the joint investigation of this question.

In addition to Swiss ski athletes, ski legend Karl Frehsner was also involved. From the first design to laser-precise fittings and wind tunnel tests, the development process took more than a year - all top-secret.

Documentary reveals creation process

Paving the way from a top-secret process to a documentary series were Toby Stüssi of MySports and Flavio Gerber of Filmgerberei. "There were an incredible number of people and interests involved in the development. We first had to gain the trust of the biggest key players. That paid off: As observers in the most trusted circle, we were able to bring together an overall picture that was not apparent even to the individual involved," says Gerber.

The trust gained allowed director Alun Meyerhans and his crew to closely follow the protagonists up and down the slopes, thus contributing for the first time the due background story to the unveiling of the new ski dress.

Responsible for Filmgerberei: Alun Meyerhans (director), Susanne Bucher (producer), Flavio Gerber (executive producer), Andi Widmer (DOP), Lea Filadoro (edit); Jürgen Kupka (color grading), Jingle Jungle (sound design, mixing). Responsible at Mysports: Toby Stüssi (Executive Producer).

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