Cooperative members have decided: Migros remains alcohol-free

Migros cooperative members have made a clear choice: In all ten regional cooperatives, they voted to continue not offering alcoholic beverages in Migros supermarkets.

Until June 4, 2022, the members of the Migros cooperatives had the opportunity to vote "Oui" or "Non". "Oui" stood for the lifting of the alcohol ban in Migros, "Non" for the status quo. Now the results are in. The supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways of all ten regional cooperatives will remain alcohol-free in the future. In all regions, members voted to retain the ban on alcohol sales, which has existed since 1928 and is enshrined in the bylaws. A majority of two-thirds of the votes in each case would have been required to change this practice.

Great interest in the vote

There was great interest in the vote. In total, more than 630,000 cooperative members took part in the ballot - more than ever before. This corresponds to a 29 percent turnout. "This shows impressively, the great solidarity of the population with Migros and its democratic values," says Ursula Nold, President of the Administration of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (MGB). "The result is not surprising because all polls pointed to a clear 'no'. The hurdle for a change in the statutes was very high with a two-thirds majority. Migros Democracy has won. And I am glad that the cooperative members decided clearly and unanimously throughout Switzerland," says Ursula Nold.

Marianne Meyer, President of the MGB Delegates Assembly, states: "The impetus to discuss the alcohol ban in principle once again came from the grassroots of the delegates and not from the management. Now our base of cooperative members has decided unequivocally. Something like this is only possible in the Migros community."

Non-alcoholic Migros beer "Non" is launched

Nevertheless, there will be a visible change in the product range of Migros stores, Migros restaurants and Migros takeaways. It is expected that from 2023, the alcohol-free Migros beer "Non" will be offered there. "We already offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverage alternatives, for example for trendy aperitifs," says Ursula Nold. "From now on, the alcohol-free Migros beer will stand as a visible symbol of Migros democracy in the stores."

For Ursula Nold, the results of the vote show: "Migros remains Migros. The members of the cooperative have declared their support for a traditional feature in the alcohol issue. By saying yes to online voting, they simultaneously sent a clear signal that Migros should continue to develop in a progressive way, as has always been part of its nature."

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