Four books that might interest you

In cooperation with GetAbstract, we present four books from the marketing and communications sector. This time: "The YouTube Formula", "Basic Event Management", "Lean Project Management" and "The 44 Pitfalls of Digitalization".

GetAbstractThe YouTube formula

How to decipher the algorithm and develop a revenue-generating content strategy.

  • Author: Derral Eves
  • Publisher: Wiley-VCH, 2022
  • Pages: 385
  • ISBN: 9783527510962

YouTube offers the opportunity to reach a large audience around the world and earn a lot of money. However, shooting and uploading a video is not enough. Those who get involved with the platform and know how to read its algorithms will have more success. It's not witchcraft: in the end, it all depends on how well you cater to your target audience. YouTube expert Derral Eves shares his insights and reveals many practical tips. Even though he talks at length, he makes you want to get started with your next video clip.

Basic knowledge event management

  • Author: Dieter Jäger
  • Publisher: A. Francke Verlag, 2021
  • Pages: 244
  • ISBN: 97838256814

Events are not only expo and Olympic Games, but also party conferences, congresses or product presentations. Whether large or small, events need to be well planned and organized. Dieter Jäger's book conveys the basics and concepts of successful event planning. Sometimes it could go into more depth, at other points it is a bit too textbook-like. However, it is a good starting point for an initial overview and as an introduction to special issues - for example, the topic of corporate social responsibility or sustainability in the event industry.

Lean Project Management

Apply hybrid methods to add value.

  • Author: Claus Hüsselmann
  • Publisher: Schäffer-Poeschel, 2021
  • Pages: 298
  • ISBN: 9783791052342

Classic project management works where it is still possible to make long-term plans. In today's world, however, this is rarely the case. Agile project management compensates for this weakness with the greatest possible flexibility. According to Claus Hüsselmann, it is even better to incorporate the basic idea of lean production: avoid all waste. The three ways of thinking, i.e. classical project management, agile and lean project management, can be combined in a hybrid way, even within a project. The book gets a point deduction because it focuses almost exclusively on terms and rules and too little on practice.

The 44 pitfalls of digitization

... and how we all avoid them.

  • Author: Nicole Gaiziunas
  • Publisher: Haufe Verlag, 2021
  • Pages: 215
  • ISBN: 9783648156438

For many, it's a familiar scenario: the digital strategy is in place and numerous measures have been adopted. The discussion about the necessary cultural change alone took up what felt like an entire week of meetings. And then? Little or nothing happens. Works councils stonewall, superiors delegate, subordinates duck away. The digitalizers have jumped as a tiger and landed as a bedside rug. Nicole Gaiziunas explains in a clear and entertaining way how companies can avoid the most treacherous digitization traps, communicate preventively, and nip potential crises in the bud.

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