1TP4Women's Work Lunch at the Crown Hall

On Friday, the foundation #Frauenarbeit invited 60 women from the fields of finance, media, marketing, communication and culture to the lunch in the Kronenhalle. It is the second version of this networking lunch. The initiator is the advertiser Regula Bührer Fecker.

Regula Bührer Fecker, initiator of #Frauenarbeit welcomes the guests. © Djamila Grossman / University Communication ZHdK.

#Frauenarbeit is the largest Swiss platform for young women and careers. The initiative was initiated five years ago by Rod recruiter Regula Bührer Fecker. The aim is to bring together, encourage and inspire young women with professional ambitions. Meanwhile, the community counts more than 12,000 followers on Instagram and is active in introducing and networking with female Swiss Role Models. On Friday, May 13, the foundation #Frauenarbeit invited 60 women from the fields of finance, media, marketing, communication and culture to lunch at the Kronenhalle. It is the second execution of this networking lunch. There was much laughter, intensive exchange, networking and plans for the future. Hulda Zumsteg, patron of the Kronenhalle, would certainly have been proud. The #Women's Work Lunch is an annual event and attendance is by personal invitation only. If you would like to follow #Women's Work, you can do so on Instagram at @women'swork.

Here are some impressions

(all images © Djamila Grossman / University Communication ZHdK)

Regula Bührer Fecker, Initiator of #Women's work and advertiser and partner at Rod Kommunikation.
Regula Bührer Fecker in conversation with Katja Schönenberger from Pro Juventute.
Kerstin Hasse from Tamedia and Yael Anders, freelance.
Kiki Maeder, SRF (left) and Lauren Wildbolz, Future Cuisine.
Manuela Albrecht, Rod Communication.
Manuela Leonhard, City of Zurich.
Michèle Widmer, Personal.
Nina Krucker, Farner Consulting (left) and Judith Weber, #rauenarbeit.
Manuela Leonhard embraces Sarah Brunner, Schauspielhaus Zurich (left).
Steffi Buchli, Ringier (left) in conversation with Shqipe Sylejmani, freelance.
Anja Hermann, Credit Suisse.
Jacqueline Krause-Blouin, Editor-in-Chief Annabelle (left) and Anna Kohler, Co-Editor-in-Chief m&k.
Arjeta Zuta, Andreas & Conrad.
Christina Stahl, Ameli Zurich (left) and Nadine Jürgensen, elleXX.
Daniela Bär, Rod Communication.
Florence Schnydrig Moser and Danijela Erni, both of Zürcher Kantonalbank.
Désirée Pomper, 20 minutes.
Elena Walder-Schiavone, Smartup Law.
Maude Federspiel (center), Rod Communication and staff member #Women's Work in conversation with Irena Grundig, Farner Consulting.
Florence Schnydrig Moser, Zurich Cantonal Bank.
Everything ready for the ladies: The Kronenhalle.

From left: Priska Amstutz, Tagesanzeiger, Regula Bührer Fecker, Rod and #rauenarbeit and Jacqueline Krause-Blouin, Editor-in-Chief Annabelle.
Maude Federspiel, Rod and 1TP4Women's Work.
Sharon Zucker, Digitec Galaxus.
Nadine Jürgensen welcomes Anja Knabenhans (right), freelance.
Nadine Jürgensen, elleXX in conversation with Kerstin Hasse from Tamedia.
Regula Bührer Fecker (left) in conversation with Katia Murmann, Ringier.
Regula Bührer Fecker in conversation with Anna Kohler.
Sandra-Stella Triebl from Ladies Drive (back right).
Anja Knabenhans, freelancer and initiator of the podcast "Mal ehrlich".

Judith Schuler, Swiss Solidarity.

Nicole Pfammatter, CEO Hotelplan Suisse (left) and Lauren Wildbolz, Future Cuisine.

Linda Rasumowski, Mental Well Mom (left) and Sharon Zucker, Digitec Galaxus.

Claudia Blumer, 20 Minuten (left) and Michèle Widmer, Personal.
Nicole Pfammater, Hotelplan Suisse (right) in conversation with Yael Anders.

Sandra-Stella Triebl, Ladies Drive.

Isabelle Gerber, Operation Libero.
Jasmin Schmid, WWF.
Jessica Zuber, Farner Consulting.
Judith Weber, 1TP4Women'sWork(left) and Nadine Jürgensen.

Kafi Freitag (left), Kafi Freitag Coaching and Regula Bührer Fecker.

Regula Bührer Fecker, host of the Women's Work Lunch in conversation with Katia Murmann from Ringier.
Kiki Maeder, SRF.
Ladina Heimgartner and Steffi Buchli, both from Ringier.
Eva Wannemacher, moderator and coach.
From right to left: Kafi Freitag, Priska Amstutz, Regula Bührer, Sharon Zucker and Linda Rasumowski.


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