Agency at the airport demonstrates the competence of Elco

To publicize the new version of Elco's best-selling product, the St.Gallen agency developed a direct mailing at the airport.

Agentur am FlughafenThe model "Aerotop SG" is one of the best-selling products of the heating system supplier Elco. The design classic has been technically enhanced without losing its shape.

Now the new model has been launched at Swiss heating installers by means of a direct mailing developed by the airport agency. For the mailing, the creatives from the St.Gallen agency adopted the independent form of the design classic. To demonstrate the quietly running fan of Aerotop SG as well, a rotor was incorporated into the mailing. The rotating rotor brings out the further developments of the new device.

The mailing was sent out in the winter of 2021/2022.

Responsible at Elcotherm: Markus Schlageter (Solution Center Senior Manager, Member of GL), René Grosswiler (Marketing Services Manager), Linda Meyer (Marketing Services Senior Specialist). Responsible at agency at the airport: René Eugster (Creative Direction), Dominique Rutishauser (Art Direction), Ketil Eggum (Graphics), Miriam Egli (Consulting/Text).

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